“It is quite common to hear high officials in Washington and elsewhere speak of changing the map of the Middle East, as if ancient societies and myriad peoples can be shaken up like so many peanuts in a jar.”

― Edward W. Said

"A developing country that wants to develop its economy must first of all keep natural resources in its own hands."
- Deng Xiaoping

Friday, July 13, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Social Sciences Academic Network Group - The Center for Global Governance, Shanghai University

Dear all, 

The Artificial Intelligence and Social Sciences Academic Network Group was created by me, Tugrul Keskin. I am a professor and director of the Center for Global Governance at Shanghai University, People’s Republic of China and an academic fellow at Cappadocia University in Turkey. This group is hosted by the Virginia Tech email servers. In this group, we would like to share conference information, new books and articles, jobs, documentaries, news etc. 

We will organize a conference on Artificial Intelligence and International Relations on April 12, 2019, organized by the Center for Global Governance - Institute of Global Studies, at Shanghai University: http://internationalstudiesandsociology.blogspot.com/2018/07/conference-artificial-intelligence-and.html

If you would like to share your article or book, news, conference information, jobs, etc. please send your email to: 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. If you would like to invite interested scholars to this network, please do so. 

Please remember that this is a professional academic network. In the past, we created two academic networks, the Sociology of Islam Academic Network (this includes 3700 academicians from 67 different countries and 415 universities, established in 2007 at Virginia Tech - https://vt.edu/) and the China and the Middle East Academic Network (more than 600 academicians, established in 2013 at Virginia Tech - https://vt.edu/). As a result of this academic network, we organized these four academic conferences:

  • 2nd Annual International Conference: China and the Middle East  - Qatar University, March 23-24, 2016

  • 4th China and The Middle East Conference: China and West Asia: Economic Development; and Social and Political Cooperation Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University Cappadocia - TURKEY June 20-22, 2018

Best to all and enjoy your weekend, 

Tugrul Keskin
Director of Center for the Global Governance 
Shanghai University  
People’s Republic of China

Recent Books:

Editor of Sociology of Islam Journal (Brill)
Region Editor of Critical Sociology (Middle East and North Africa)


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